Mike’s Backpack (2010-2011 Trip)

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The North Face Solaris 40 L backpack, hat (no, this is not for the club Tao. It’s our friend Jordan’s music management company), REI fleece hoodie.

Top row (l to r): Under Armour t-shirt, Old Navy Rec Tech
t-shirt, Terramar t-shirt.
Bottom row (l to r): Terramar t-shirt, Ex Officio long-sleeve shirt, bandanna.

Top row: Old Navy shorts.
Bottom row: 2 pairs of REI convertible pants.

Top row (l to r): 3 pairs of REI wool socks, 4 pairs of Terramar underwear, packing cube for all clothes.
Bottom row (l to r): Reef flip-flops, Keen sandals.

Top row (l to r): Toiletry bag, 2 bottles of contact saline solution, insect repellent, Neosporin, anti-itch cream.
Bottom row (l to r): Toothpaste, 3 bottles of eye drops, hand sanitizer, contact case, 3 bottles of face wash.

Top row (l to r): Insect repellent wipes, Kleenex (we have a million packs), carrying case for everything in this picture, toothbrush, toothbrush case.
Bottom row (l to r): Earplugs, deodorant, contacts.

Top row (l to r): Passport holder, Pepto Bismol,
Malarone (anti-malarial), Z-Pak.
Bottom row: Carrying case for everything in this picture, chapstick, Dramamine, floss.

Top row (l to r): Carrying case for everything in this picture, more Kleenex, anti-bacterial wipes, Advil, moist wipes.
Bottom row (l to r): 2 sporks, calculator, hand sanitizer, moist wipes, pen, chapstick.

Top row (l to r): Travel towel, teddy bear that turns into a tote bag, 2 beach reads, silk sleep sack.
Bottom row (l to r): Glasses case, glasses, washcloth, backpack rain cover, more Kleenex, 2 carabiners, 2 locks.

Top row (l to r): Computer cord, Asus Eee netbook, computer sleeve
lovingly made by Mike’s mom.
Bottom row: Camera case with Panasonic Lumix ZS5 camera, sunglasses, travel alarm clock, teenage girl emo coin purse, watch.

Top row (l to r): Bag for all electronics, 2 pairs of headphones
(one with Skype microphone).
Bottom row (l to r): Camera battery charger, 2 iPods, plug adaptor, mini-flashlight, iPod charger.

Everything in their right places.

Mike’s backpack weighs a bit more than Hanna’s. His pack weighs about 25 pounds and is packed to the gills.