Eighty Liters?

Once we decided that we were definitely doing our big trip, we knew that we wanted to keep a blog.  We researched various blogging platforms and ultimately decided to use WordPress for a few reasons: its ease, its customizable features, and the overall look of the site.  While that was an easy decision, we had a hard time coming up with a name for our blog.

We knew we wanted something short, catchy, and easy to remember.  We didn’t want the standard “Mike and Hanna’s Trip Around the World!” or “Mike and Hanna—Globetrotters!!!!!!”  Whenever we talked about the blog, we threw out a few travel-related ideas, discussed them for, oh, two seconds, and then decided to put it off until later.  (Yes, we are both procrastinators.)  As months flew by, we realized that we had to come up with something.

Somehow “eighty liters” came to Mike in the shower one day.  The book (and brilliant Jackie Chan movie remake) Around the World in 80 Days popped into his mind, and so he tried to think of something else that had the number eighty in it.  What do you HAVE to have for around-the-world travel?  Backpacks.  If we each bought a forty liter backpack, “Around the World in Eighty Liters” would make complete sense.  Mike fully admits that the blog name played a huge part in picking out backpack size…

Whenever people ask our blog name, we tell them “eightyliters.com”, and then we get a blank look.  After explaining it, we (hopefully?) get a look of comprehension…and we feel good about the name we picked.