Hanna’s Backpack (2013-2014 Trip)

Click on the images to make them bigger.
Items listed in red were also brought on our 2010-2011 trip.

IMG_0056The North Face Solaris 40 L backpack, Keen sandals,
Teva flip-flops, Brooks sneakers.

IMG_0060Top row (l to r): Columbia capri pants, Old Navy running shorts, leggings.
Bottom row (l to r): 1 pair socks, jean shorts,
Old Navy jammie pants that Hanna will try to pass off as regular pants,
4 pairs Ex Officio travel underwear.

IMG_0061Top row (l to r): Old Navy long-sleeved t-shirt, 2 Old Navy t-shirts.
Middle row (l to r): Lands’ End fleece hoodie,
Old Navy tank top, 2 sports bras (only one was brought before).
Bottom row (l to r): 2 packing cubes for all clothes, Old Navy tank top.
(Not pictured: swimsuit.)

IMG_0065Top row (l to r): Toiletry bag, brush, hair rubber bands and clips,
soap taken from Disney World, razor.
Bottom row (l to r): 4 bottles of sunscreen, 2 bottles of shampoo, 2 bottles of conditioner, deodorant, 2 toothpastes, toothbrush.

IMG_0068First row (l to r): First aid kit (includes assorted cold medicine, ginger, Neosporin, etc.), Q-tips, backpack rain cover,
dry sack to hold camera while by water.
Second row (l to r): Pink bag to hold over-the-counter medicines, flashlight, sunglasses, nail clippers.
Third row (l to r): Silk sleep sack, travel towel, lock (we forget the combination…whoops), Ricola cough drops.
Fourth row: 3 beach reads (not pictured: the last-minute bargain buy of The Hunger Games), Primark tote bag.

IMG_0070All of the above contained in their respective compartments.

Hanna’s backpack weighs about 15 pounds.


5 responses to “Hanna’s Backpack (2013-2014 Trip)

  1. Wow Hanna, impressive! I could not travel without
    1. a scarf 2. makeup 3. a swimming suit 4.a regular bra 5. a dress

  2. oh, i see the swimsuit is not pictured 🙂

  3. What’s the silk sleep sack? Is that like a small sleeping bag? Are you camping, or will you be staying in B & B’s and motels? I love that you shared how you pack for a trip like that! It gives me a lot of great ideas! Thanks!

    • the silk sleep sack is similar to a thin sleeping bag. we took it on our first trip for use on long train rides. we each had one, but we couldn’t find the other while we were packing. probably won’t really use it this time around…but you never know. we are staying in a mixture of hostels and apartment rentals. thanks for reading!

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