Step Three, Part A: Jobs

After two months in Seattle, some exciting news can be shared. The fairer one of us is gainfully employed. Following the path set after our 2010-2011 trip, Hanna was the first to find a job this time around as well. She couldn’t be more excited to spend her days with people other than Mike.

A grocery store cake (Hanna’s favorite kind) was bought to celebrate this momentous occasion:

Cake (Not the Hit Saturday Morning TV Show).

Cake (But Not the Hit Saturday Morning TV Show).

As Hanna enters the working world again, Mike will continue his job search while crossing off household chores on a list Hanna leaves for him every single workday.


6 responses to “Step Three, Part A: Jobs

  1. Uhh,was writing this blog post on your HoneyDo list?

    PS that cake looks delish

  2. mary giordano

    I am a very bad aunt. I have yet to read dozens of your blogs; I really find them entertaining and even educational! It’s just been pretty crazy around here….maybe it’s me. That’s what Uncle Lou and Joanie would probably say. Anyway, congratulations to Hanna for landing a job and I know a very lucky company/organization will soon realize how it will benefit by taking you on, Mike! If you two ever make it out to the East Coast, tell Hanna I’ll make her the best cake ever!!! Love and miss you both so much 😦

  3. Ha! I have to say for some reason this made the Ancient Cake Gazette pop into my head!!

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