Hanna’s Backpack (2010-2011 Trip)

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The North Face Solaris 40 L backpack, Keen sandals, Teva flip-flops.

Top row (l to r): Columbia capri pants, Old Navy running shorts, leggings.
Bottom row (l to r): 3 pairs REI wool socks, Columbia pants,
4 pairs Ex Officio travel underwear.

Top row (l to r): Ex Officio zip-up hoodie, 2 The North Face t-shirts.
Middle row (l to r): Ex Officio long-sleeve button-down shirt,
Old Navy tank top, sports bra.
Bottom row (l to r): 2 packing cubes for all clothes, Old Navy tank top.
(Not pictured: one bra, swimsuit, last-minute addition of khaki pants.)

Top row (l to r): Toiletry bag, brush, earplugs, hair rubber bands and clips, nail clippers.
Bottom row (l to r): 2 bottles of sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, insect repellent, deodorant, toothpaste, chapstick, floss, hand cream.

Top row (l to r): Bag for random things, playing cards, flashlight,
universal sink plug for doing laundry.
Bottom row (l to r): Sewing kit, safety pins, 2 packs of
laundry detergent, booklight.

Top row ( l to r): First aid kit, Kleenex, Malarone (anti-malarial), Cipro (antibiotics).
Bottom row (l to r): Baby powder, razor cartridges, soap, pink bag to hold everything in picture, bottle of ginger (for motion sickness).

Top row (l to r): Backpack rain cover, silk sleep sack, travel towel,
lock, bandanna, sunglasses.
Bottom row (l to r): Pink bag to hold medicines, Advil, anti-diarrheal medicine, allergy medicine, Q-tips, 2 packages of cough drops.

Top row (l to r): 3 beach reads, passport/money holder.
Bottom row (l to r): Travel journal, hat, coin purse, wrist wallet.

All of the above contained in their respective compartments.

While it looks like a lot in these pictures, it all packs quite compactly when placed in the backpack. All of the items were either bought on sale or given to us as gifts, so we did not spend thousands of dollars (which would have been easy to do). Hanna’s backpack weighs about 20 pounds.