100 Things (2010-2011 Trip)

We hope to accomplish a lot over the next year. Here is a list of 100 things we would like to see and do. Have any suggestions for us?

1.  Climb the Great Wall of China (9/10/10…MUTIANYU.)
2.  Karaoke in Japan

3.  Ride a bullet train
(8/28/2010…MISHIMA TO KYOTO.)

4.  Successfully use a squat toilet (MORE THAN WE CARE TO COUNT.)
5.  Do some sort of extreme activity in New Zealand (2/22/11…CAVING IN   WAITOMO.)
6.  Try one adventurous food in a Beijing market (9/13/10…SILKWORMS.)
7.  Avoid malaria (NO SIGNS OF IT.)
8.  Avoid sunburns (UH, MIKE GOT A BAD ONE IN PHUKET.)
9.  Not get motion sick on an overnight train (NO PUKING OCCURRED.)
10.  See the Terracotta Warriors (9/16/10…XI’AN.)
11.  Tokyo Disney!
(8/23/10 and 8/24/10.)

12.  Hong Kong Disney! (10/07/10.)
13.  See the Greek Islands (YEAH, DIDN’T WORK OUT…)
14.  Eat gelato (TUSCANY…4/15-4/23/11.)
15.  See Sydney Harbor (1/14/11…AND MANY TIMES SINCE.)
16.  Get an authentic Thai massage (10/12/2010…BANGKOK.)
18.  Touch the Berlin Wall (4/10/2011.)
19.  Stay in a Japanese ryokan (8/26/10 and 8/27/10…KAWAGUCHIKO.)
20.  Learn a new word (IN EVERY COUNTRY WE’VE VISITED.)
21.  Giggle with a geisha (8/31/10…ATTEMPTED. GIGGLE NOT RETURNED.)
22.  Go to a sumo match (CAN’T CROSS THIS OFF. IT WASN’T SUMO SEASON.)
23.  See the pyramids (EGYPT DIDN’T HAPPEN THIS TRIP.)
24.  Bargain in a market (9/11/10…BEIJING. HANNA BOUGHT A HAIR CLIP.)
25.  Ride a Tuk Tuk (10/22/10…SIEM REAP.)
26.  Ride a moped (11/14/10…KOH LANTA.)
27.  See a Winter Olympic Site (UNFORTUNATELY NEVER SAW ONE.)
28.  See a Summer Olympic Site (9/09/10…BEIJING.)
29.  Make a new friend (8/31/10…KYOTO. HI, MIKE AND KYLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
30.  Teach someone a new English word (1/23/11…SYDNEY. TAUGHT A GERMAN GIRL WHAT “COOKIE BATTER” IS.)
31.  Avoid fighting about dumb things (NO COMMENT.)
32.  Relax in the baths of Budapest (DIDN’T MAKE IT THERE. NEXT TIME…)
33.  Ride an elephant in Thailand (10/19/10…CHIANG MAI.)
34.  Pet a roaming deer in Nara (8/30/10.)
35.  Eat Kobe beef in Kobe (DIDN’T END UP GOING TO KOBE. OH WELL.)
36.  Wander around Angkor Wat (10/23/10.)
37.  Avoid protests in Bangkok (NONE SIGHTED ALL 3 TIMES WE WERE THERE.)
39.  Keep up-to-date with Jersey Shore episodes online (ALL CAUGHT UP.)
40.  Sleep through the night in a hostel dorm room populated by drunk Australians (WE SURPRISINGLY NEVER SHARED A ROOM WITH A BUNCH OF DRUNK AUSSIES. ONE OR TWO? SURE. NEVER A GAGGLE.)
41.  Bathe in a hot-spring onsen (8/27/10…KAWAGUCHIKO.)
42. See the Great Barrier Reef (2/28/11…CAIRNS. MIKE WENT SNORKELING.)
43.  Visit the cave houses of Cappadocia (DIDN’T MAKE IT THERE.)
44.  Eat sausage rolls in London (3/23/11.)
45.  Eat sausage rolls somewhere else (10/11/10…HONG KONG.)
46.  Visit our old stomping grounds in London (3/22/11.)
47.  Hunt for Nessie in Scotland (DIDN’T GET THERE.)
48.  Take a batik class in Bali (NOPE. WAAAY TOO EXPENSIVE.)
49.  Pet a sheep in New Zealand (1/28/11…BETWEEN TEKAPO AND OAMARU.)
50.  Successfully drive on the opposite side of the road (1/25- 2/24/11…NEW ZEALAND.)
51.  Try Vegemite (1/19/11…SYDNEY. UH, PRETTY GROSS.)
52.  Don’t get arrested for spitting in Singapore (12/07/10…SUCCESS).
53.  Visit the beaches from The Beach (11/12/10…KOH PHI PHI.)
54.  See a whirling dervish (4/03/11…ISTANBUL. SAW A VIDEO. THAT COUNTS, RIGHT?)
55.  Finally get our second Hepatitis A shot (UMMM…)
56.  Don’t let pickpockets get the best of us (NO MONEY STOLEN.)
57.  Eat street food in Bangkok (10/12/10…MIKE ATE LOADS OF PAD THAI.)
58.  Endure an overnight train ride NOT in a sleeper car (9/14/10…BEIJING TO XI’AN.)
59.  Pet a kangaroo and a koala (NEITHER. KANGAROO IS TASTY THOUGH.)
60.  Let fish devour our feet during a spa session (10/14/10…BANGKOK.)
61.  Drink a beer (even Hanna) in a beer hall in Germany (5/04/11…MUNICH.)
62.  Find the world’s best hummus (STILL SEARCHING…)
63.  Finagle our way into being extras in The Hobbit (NOPE. WASN’T FILMING YET.)

64.  Stay at a fancy resort (12/13/10-12/18/10…BALI WESTIN.)
65.  Work on a farm in New Zealand (NOPE. HANNA GOT SICK.)
66. Determine if toilets DO flush the opposite way in the Southern Hemisphere (THEY TOTALLY DO. TOTALLY.)
67.  See windmills in the Netherlands (5/08/11…ON TRAIN TO AMSTERDAM.)
68. Celebrate another nation’s holiday by going to a local festival (11/21/10…PHUKET, LOI KRATHONG.)
69.  Try scuba diving (10/31/10…KOH TAO. BIG BUST.)
70.  Make a fully balanced meal in a hostel kitchen (2/3/11…DUNEDIN.)
71.  Win Quiz Night at a pub (NEVER GOT FIRST. WE GOT SECOND IN PHUKET.)
72.  Drastically change our itinerary (11/14/10…SKIPPED MALAYSIA.)
73.  Get stuck on an island (11/01/10-11/04/10…KOH TAO.)
74.  Try coffee made from animals’ poop (12/17/10…BALI. MADE FROM BERRIES DIGESTED BY CIVETS AND THEN POOPED OUT.)
75.  Spend the night in an airport (1/04/11 and 1/05/11. KUALA LUMPUR AND MELBOURNE. NO FUN.)
76.  See the Alps in Italy (4/14/11…ON TRAIN TO FLORENCE.)
77. Play Bingo (3/06 and 3/12/11…SUNSHINE COAST.)
78.  Endure tons of rain near a rainforest (2/25-3/01/11…CAIRNS.)
79.  Eat gummy bears in Germany (5/02/11…MUNICH.)
80.  Read all seven Harry Potter books again (1/25-3/18/11. SUCCESS.)
81.  Taste various wines in Tuscany (4/16-4/22/11.)
82.  Visit a hospital not by choice (2/5/11…DUNEDIN.)
83.  See the Hagia Sophia (3/24/11…DIDN’T GO IN, BUT WE SAW IT.)
84.  Introduce an American dessert to a new friend (3/02/11…SUNSHINE COAST. HANNA MADE RICE KRISPIE TREATS FOR KYLIE.)
85.  Visit the Acropolis in Athens (4/05/11.)
86.  Find Greece’s best baklava (ONLY HAD IT ONCE. WAS OK…)
87. Spend a week relaxing with family (4/16-4/23/11…TUSCANY.)
88. Eat a Belgian waffle in Belgium (5/11/11…AND IT WASN’T GOOD.)
89. Eat pretzels in Bavaria (5/02/11…MUNICH.)
90. Watch an opera in Vienna (4/25/11…BALLET COUNTS.)
91. Sniff a tulip in Amsterdam (5/10/11.)
92. Spend a month living in beloved London (5/11-6/14/11.)
93. Visit the British Museum to see stolen items from the Acropolis (6/07/11.)
94. Take a picture at Platform 9 3/4 at London’s Kings Cross station (5/25/11.)
95. See a celebrity in person (5/24/11…BARACK OBAMA IN LONDON.)
96. Buy a souvenir that Mike actually wants (6/13/11…TIGER ONESIE PAJAMAS IN LONDON.)
97. Smoke a hookah in Turkey (4/03/11…ISTANBUL.)
98. Ride through the Chunnel (5/11/11…BRUSSELS TO LONDON.)
99. Get home safely (6/14/11.)
100. Find jobs (BOTH EMPLOYED BY OCTOBER 2011.)


24 responses to “100 Things (2010-2011 Trip)

  1. -never wrestle an alligator
    -visit the motherland
    -be hired by an asian firm to pretend youre the white vice president (http://www.cnn.com/2010/BUSINESS/06/29/china.rent.white.people/index.html?fbid=aqsOKT56iwi)
    -be part of a riot, preferably at a south american soccer match
    -have a pint with someone in a kilt
    -see a penguin
    -visit a sweat shop
    -go to mongolia
    -buy an authentic vuvuzela

  2. the Cassorlas, Ellen and Neal, are super excited for your trip!

  3. Please remember to pack your hand sanitizer and plenty of tissues!

  4. I agree your wedding was an absolute blast! Hanna comes from a dancing family and it appeared that Mike adapted to that quite well. So I’m hoping that you can add dancing with the locals at each and every stop to your list of 100 things to do; make that 101!

    Aunt Mary

  5. GO TO GHANA!!!

  6. i don’t actually believe you haven’t learned a new word yet. i thought hanna had at least learned to say “fan out” in several languages by now.

  7. Pet a kangaroo and a koala

  8. I have a problem with you crossing off giggle with a geisha and putting kobe and sumo match in red. did you do any of these? no. that would be like the south having a list and crossing off ‘win the civil war’ and putting a note next to it that says war attempted, victory not returned.

  9. “See windmills in the Netherlands” ha.

  10. when are you seeing the pyramids? i hear egypt and libya are nice this time of year.

    there are also about 5 things youve done that you havent checked off. i would have guessed theyd be checked by now seeing that you enjoy crossing off things you havent actually done.

  11. looks like there are some updates to be made here… between hanging with the family, eating the gummies, drinking wine and eating gelato… but thats my small count, there could be more 🙂

  12. 100 Things #95


  13. tiger onsie… hahahhahahaa i want photos.

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