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Look Up! Miles/Hours Traveled (2013-2014 Trip) FINALIZED

Before leaving on our trip, we vowed to be good about updating the section of our site that documents total miles and hours traveled. Want a laugh? We never once updated AT ALL while traveling. Whoops. No, these travel times are not made up. We did keep track of the total times during the trip.

We finally got around to finalizing everything, so without further ado…

Click here to see the final tallies.

Obviously we did not come close to our tallies from the 2010-2011 trip. We, however, are proud of the fact that in about four months, we traveled over half of the total miles from last trip. Impressive, no?


Same/Different: Transportation and Accommodations

We’re big fans of themed blog posts (see our Boring Budget Series), so we thought we’d talk about what’s the same vs. what’s different between this trip and the last one.

TRANSPORTATION: We took almost every method of transportation possible (train, bus, plane, car, ferry, tuk-tuk, elephant, etc.) on our last trip, and since flights tended to be the most expensive, we left that as a last option. We had many a long bus and train ride because they were the cheapest method possible…and we had all the time in the world. This time around, however, we are bouncing around a lot more in a finite period of time. Goodbye, night trains! While we will take a ferry or two in Thailand and will rent a car in New Zealand, our primary method of transportation is airplane. Don’t worry…we didn’t throw the budget out the window. We have scouted for good deals and have used our favorite budget airlines Air Asia and Jetstar to save some dough. While in cities, we will still try and use public transportation as much as possible and only take cabs when absolutely necessary. It is still us after all.

ACCOMMODATIONS: During our last trip, our mantra was budget, budget, budget. We stayed almost exclusively in hostels and almost always in dorm rooms. Even if we were only saving $2 a night, we chose the dorm room. A penny saved is an extra penny to be spent on ice cream. This trip we are still trying to keep the budget down but are treating ourselves a bit more. Because we will only be on the road for a couple of months, we are able to spend a couple bucks more a night. Many of the places we are staying have been booked through Airbnb. We like the idea of renting our own little apartment, and, as always, a kitchen is essential to staying on budget. In many cities (Sydney, Hong Kong, etc.), booking an apartment is surprisingly just as cheap as a hostel, so that works for us. When we are choosing to stay in hostels, we are throwing caution to the wind and staying in private rooms. The snoring and skin flakes of yore wore us down just a bit. We really enjoyed meeting other travelers in hostels and are choosing to go back to some of the places that we stayed in last time. Budget is still the priority, but we are slightly loosening the purse strings.

Look Up! Miles/Hours Traveled FINALIZED

In addition to our route, we finally have the not-so-official stats about how many miles and hours traveled. Please note that sometimes we gave our best estimates if too much time had passed since the travel leg. Time zones didn’t help either.

Drum roll please…

Click here to see the final tallies.

We can’t believe how many miles we traveled. Even contestants on recent seasons of The Amazing Race only travel about 35,000 miles. (Granted they only travel for about a month, but we always feel like they cover so much of the world.) If we stuck to domestic travel, we could cross the States about eighteen times. EIGHTEEN. Whoa.

It’s pretty nuts to us that almost FIFTEEN full days were spent traveling. That number doesn’t even include getting to/from airports and hostels. When you’re on the road with the same person for a year, it feels like fifteen hundred full days of traveling. Kidding…kinda.