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Step Three, Part B: Jobs

Yes, our blog is still up. No, we never write on it anymore. Whoops. We figured we should tie up loose ends. Hanna’s been working since last June, and we are proud to say that we are a two-income household. Mike has been working for about seven months now, and Hanna didn’t adjust well to the change. Why wasn’t the house cleaning itself anymore? Where did the magical laundry elves go?

Now that we are DINKs again (if you don’t know what that means, look it up…the stupidity of it makes us chuckle), we have been slowly putting our apartment together. New couch, new HDTV to bring us into the 21st century, new rug, pictures actually going up on walls… We’re, like, adults now.

Full disclaimer: This blog post was written in November 2014, but we never published it…and then totally forgot about it. We’re only posting it now so that closure is gained before we write a final post.


Step Three, Part A: Jobs

After two months in Seattle, some exciting news can be shared. The fairer one of us is gainfully employed. Following the path set after our 2010-2011 trip, Hanna was the first to find a job this time around as well. She couldn’t be more excited to spend her days with people other than Mike.

A grocery store cake (Hanna’s favorite kind) was bought to celebrate this momentous occasion:

Cake (Not the Hit Saturday Morning TV Show).

Cake (But Not the Hit Saturday Morning TV Show).

As Hanna enters the working world again, Mike will continue his job search while crossing off household chores on a list Hanna leaves for him every single workday.


With the exception of “How does it feel being back home?”, the question that we get asked the most is “Aren’t you guys sick of each other yet?”. We’ve spent exactly one full year joined at the hip, and in that time, we have learned anything and everything that there is to know about each other. Does Mike freak out when booking flights? Yes. Does Hanna like to complain a lot? Definitely.

Now that we are back, the cord has not been cut quite yet. Our days typically start by waking up around 9am. Mike makes a cup of coffee and does his morning crossword, while Hanna watches some Emmy Award-winning reality show. We spend most of the day job-hunting online and moaning about the humidity inside our apartment. We occasionally separate: Hanna heads to hot yoga using a ridiculously cheap month pass, while Mike feeds and plays with our former subletters’ new puppies every day. The truth of the matter, however, is that we are rarely apart…and we are still okay with that.

We still have the tendency to be loner hermits. It’s not that we don’t want to see other people; it’s just that we still enjoy each other’s company. We’re proud of that fact.

If We Can Make It Through China Without Tearing Each Other's Heads Off, We Can Do Anything. Shanghai, China. September 2010.

Back to New York

After more than two weeks spent with family, today we embark on the last flight we will take in a while. No more travel is planned for the time being…and that’s weird for us. We were excited to come back to the States, but we knew that we had vacation time planned with our families.

We have one final mission before our journey is done: find jobs. Once we’re back in New York, it’s full steam ahead with the job search. In between marathon sessions of hunting for employment, we will be sure to finally finish up our remaining thoughts and numbers for our grand adventure. We swear. We will. We really will.

We definitely need some motivation to finish these posts, so please send us good vibes.