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Freedom Haiku

It’s Fourth of July.
Let’s celebrate ‘Murrica!
Freedom ain’t free. Yup.

Enjoy your day off.
Eat hot dogs and hamburgers.
More blog posts next week.

Maui, March 2014. First Picture Taken on American Soil Since Leaving in January.

Maui, March 2014. First Picture Taken on American Soil in Months.



Today is the Fourth of July. On this most patriotic of days, we thought we would share a funny story.

Last Memorial Day we stayed at a beach house in Virginia Beach with Mike’s family. We had a great time playing in the sand, lounging by the pool, eating hot dogs, dancing to “I Like to Move It” from Madagascar with our nieces, etc. One morning Mike was reading the guest book in which past visitors had signed and wrote comments about their trip. Some visitors loved the view, some loved the smell of the ocean, and some found the microwave and TV just too darn hard to use. Our favorite entry was how one guest loved sittin’ on the deck, drinkin’ a cup of coffee, and watchin’ “Old Glory flappin’ in the wind.” …and on that note, here is a photo of Old Glory herself, flappin’ in the wind!

Happy Fourth of July! Hope it is full of fireworks, festivities, and freedom!  Visit Old Glory’s not-cheesy-at-all website for some more American overload.

23 more days to go!