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100 Things?

Honestly we were going to keep track of 100 things we wanted to do while traveling. We make promises, and we break your ever-loving hearts by failing to do what we said we would do. Ultimately we DID end up with a list of 100 things we would try on our 2010-2011 trip, but on this most recent trip, we never even kept any sort of list. We could easily just make up a list now, but….uh, we don’t want to. Do not click here because there’s nothing to see.

Instead enjoy this random picture of ferns taken in Hokitika, New Zealand:



Why ferns? No idea. That is all.


Look Up! 100 Things FINALIZED

We know, we know. We sometimes forgot to update our 100 THINGS list. It took us a long time to think of 100 things, but we eventually did. (And yes, we did add some things after completing momentous activities. The secret’s out.)

Without further ado…

Click here to see how much stuff we DIDN’T do.

We’re actually pretty proud of our final list. A quick scan of it makes us remember all that we accomplished this past year. How many people that you know can claim they climbed the Great Wall, tried scuba diving in Thailand, and stayed up-to-date with Jersey Shore within a single year?

Here’s hoping that #100 gets crossed off quickly.

Celeb Sighting

Well, we can cross off #95 on our 100 Things list. We saw a celebrity in person, and you get to see the absolutely amazing picture that Mike took. Get ready. It’s amazing:

The Picture’s Not Blurry. Your Eyes Are Just Bad.

Who is that, you ask? We’re a bit disappointed that you even have to query.

We were on the bus right by 10 Downing Street and saw a big crowd of people, tons of cops, and a waiting motorcade. We knew that Obama was gonna be in town and figured it must be him. Exiting at the next stop, we hightailed it to the crowd and luckily caught a glimpse of Barack himself exiting the Prime Minister’s residence. The fact that he was about two hundred feet away explains the crappy picture above.

Obama Was in This Car…We Think.

British schoolchildren next to us held huge posters of Obama and chanted, “U! S! A!” Muslim protesters across the street waved signs and booed:

Cops Encircled the Protesters.

There were hundreds of police everywhere and probably even more Secret Service that we didn’t see. Hanna was a bit surprised at how close we were to all the action, but we both decided security was probably tighter than we realized. We had our celebrity sighting and wandered off into the sunset.

Look Up! 100 Things Updated

We sometimes get lazy about updating stuff on our site, but we finally updated some of our “100 Things” list. No, we’re still not up to 100 yet, but give us time…or give us more suggestions.

Click here to see what we have done and what we hope to do.