Welcome to Sydney

Well, now that we have been in Australia for over a week, you finally get to hear about it. Don’t you feel lucky? The eight-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney really wasn’t bad at all. We passed the time by reading, napping, and fighting with the flight attendants. Mike had pre-ordered a dinner that seemed to go missing, and they had no other explanation for it other than “Uh, I think it’s in the front of the plane….and, uh, it would take a while to search for it. We will get you something else.” About twenty minutes later, Mike was given a container of soggy seafood rice. Better than expected, but still. He wanted his chicken masala. Thank God this happened to Mike and not Hanna. No one screws with her food. Hell. To. Pay.

We arrived in Sydney around 9pm and quickly glided through Customs. Citizens of certain nations (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand) don’t have to wait in any line or speak to anyone at Immigration as they have machines where you just scan your passport. This shocked us but was a welcome relief. We dashed through while complaining that we didn’t receive a passport stamp.

On our last trip, Sydney was one of our favorite cities, and we are proud to say that it did not disappoint the second time around. We had a week to spend, so we decided to buy unlimited transit passes (bus, train, tram, ferry, etc.). This worked out swimmingly because we were staying fifteen minutes outside of the city. We decided to take advantage of the passes and see as much of the city as we could. Novel idea, huh?

Our favorite part of said passes was the ability to take commuter ferries to various parts of the city. We didn’t really have a plan for each day but would begin with a round-trip ferry ride. Watsons Bay? Sure. Taronga Zoo? Yup. North Sydney? Of course. Each round-trip ride would last between thirty minutes and an hour, and we enjoyed every second. No seasickness was felt, and these ferries were prime suntanning locales.

First Picture Taken of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

First Picture Taken of Sydney Harbour Bridge. There Are a Million Others.

Circular Quay (Our Starting Point for Most Ferries.)

Circular Quay (Our Starting Point for Most Ferries.)

Nothing Big: Opera House. Bridge.

Nothing Big: Opera House. Bridge.

Mike's Massive Head Dwarfing Hanna and the Opera House. (He Tells Himself It's the Angle.)

Mike’s Massive Head Dwarfing Hanna and the Opera House. (He Tells Himself It’s Just the Angle.)

City from Afar.

City from Afar.

Close City.

Close City.

Prepare yourself for lots more pictures taken from boats because that’s where we spent a ton of time. We have millions of pictures of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge from all angles. You see them both and can’t NOT take pictures for some reason. You’ve been warned.


4 responses to “Welcome to Sydney

  1. Now here is a city we plan on visiting within the next couple of years. I like the idea of the transit pass. Walking and taking public transportation is the only way to see a city! BTW, Steve and I are in Seattle. Planning on leaving a flying pig somewhere…I’ll let you know where.

  2. Aww, it’s so nice to see someone enjoying my home city whilst I’m elsewhere in the world! Hope you made it to Newtown, the alternative suburb near the University of Sydney. Best place for good cheap eats and one off clothing pieces.

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