Ferry Easy Travel to Phuket

We spent five relaxing nights at the beach resort in Krabi, and we got quite used to our easy days. You only get two blog posts about our time there since our goal was relaxation…and relax we did. It’s hard being unemployed with nothing to do but read by the pool. Alas we had to say farewell to our luxury life and make our way to Phuket.

A van (complete with DVD player and such bootleg DVDs as Despicable Me 2 and inexplicably Mariah Carey: Live at Madison Square Garden) picked us up and brought us to Ao Nang pier. We were a bit early for our ferry, but that gave us enough time to take pictures:

A Sea of Longtails.

A Sea of Longtails.

Still Can't Get over the Rock Formations.

Still Can’t Get over the Rock Formations.

We boarded our ferry and headed out to sea. Mike sat on a bench on the back deck, while Hanna (in an effort to combat seasickness) sprawled on the deck. About fifteen minutes into the ride, we pulled up about one hundred feet from shore…and waited…and waited. Finally boatloads (literally) of people pulled up alongside our ferry and boarded. We had the pleasure of waiting for more boats. This added a good hour to the trip. We, however, weren’t complaining: we each were listening to iPods and chillaxing in the sun. (The word “chillax” is an absolutely stupid word.)

The trip took about two-and-a-half hours, and we were entertained by a guy who smoked seven cigarettes (Mike kept count) and his wife who wore booty shorts with no underwear. Unfortunately Hanna’s eyes won’t forget what she saw. Remember, folks, Hanna was laying on deck.

We are happy to say that Hanna did not get sick at all on the smooth water, and we pulled into Phuket in good spirits. The mini-bus to our hotel took some time, but we made it to our hotel in one piece. We are staying at the same place we stayed last trip. Seems pretty much the same (good WiFi and air con, cable TV that plays Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City nonstop, quiet enough). More deets about our days in Phuket to come…


6 responses to “Ferry Easy Travel to Phuket

  1. Sounds like paradise!

  2. Glad the ferry ride was seasick-less for you Hanna. Have fun in Phuket. My vacation is almost over…waiting to board flight home.

  3. I want to see the doggies!

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