The Decision

So we tease you with a haiku over a month ago, and then we haven’t posted anything since. How much do you hate us? We know that you are salivating over the fact that our blog is back, and we figured that because it’s the last day of 2013, we might as well get a move on.

Well, hello again, old friends. Missed us?

As Classy as We Will Look in the Next Few Months...

As Good as It Gets. Seriously.

We are currently at Hanna’s parents’ house in Spokane, and we previously overstayed our welcome visited Mike’s family in Cleveland. You must be thinking to yourself: wait, don’t you guys have jobs? Don’t you live in New York? How are you doing this?

Mike moved to New York for college in 2000, while Hanna moved there the next year. After a quarter century (combined) in the greatest city on earth, we made the decision to leave for good and move to Seattle. New York will always be home for us, but it was time for a change to a new city. We are looking forward to a slower pace, Taco Bells that are clean enough to eat in, and no East Coast humidity.

Since our lease was up at the end of November, we decided to just pull roots, quit our jobs, and make the move. As we started talking about the cross-country trek, we thought to ourselves, “Let’s go travel. When else will we be able to see the world again?” Cue visiting our families for over a month and then about 2.5 months abroad. Why not, right? (The proposed travel plan is a different post for a different day.)

Yes, the blog is back, but we aren’t going to be as diligent as we were last time. We will try posting something every day, but we are warning you now that no promises are being made. We will be too busy eating McDonald’s sundaes or watching some crappy reality show on our netbook.

While we fully expect you to check our site every hour of every day to see if we have posted anything, an easier way is to follow our blog and have it emailed it to you whenever we post. (Sign up on the right-hand side of our site where it says SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL. Easy as pie. Apple or peanut butter please.)

Like “Eighty Liters” on Facebook too, and you’ll see when we post new entries. (We can’t be bothered with Twitter. #dontcare.)

‘Til next time. It’ll probably be in about three weeks from now. We’re that lazy.


6 responses to “The Decision

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your time in O-hi-O with me. Going to the North Pole with you and Jan was a memorable trip. I felt Katie with us and loved remembering her dancing around in the snowman costume when I was there with her. I will miss you when i go to Seattle in early February but will look forward to seeing you on my next trip there.
    safe travels…

  2. You DID NOT overstay your welcome here! You know I love to have as many of my kids, kid-in-laws, and grandkids around here as possible. That is what makes me happy ( oh yeah, and having help cleaning up and Christmas decorating too!)

  3. Yay! For finding someone else who watches crappy reality TV on their notebooks while traveling. Looking forward to reading your adventures.

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