She Had It Coming (Hanna, Not Mike, Titled This Post)

While we were in Asia, Hanna kept telling fellow travelers how lucky we were because we never got sick. Well, in the past two months, she has had gastritis, food poisoning, and now pneumonia. That’s right: Hanna has pneumonia…in New Zealand…far away from the comfort of our couch.

For the last week, Hanna hasn’t felt well. Pretty crappy, in fact. On Friday night she was feeling so awful that she decided she wanted to go to the 24-hour walk-in clinic. Not as extreme as the ER but would hopefully get her a really strong cough syrup. Mike went to go get the car, and Hanna waited at the bottom of the hill to be picked up. 10 minutes pass, and Hanna knows there is something wrong. Mike comes storming down the hill to report that the ignition is stuck. We both walk back up the hill together, Hanna very slowly as she is wheezing like crazy. Hanna tries to start the car. Won’t start. Fantastic.

We decide to walk and pray to find a cab. Thankfully a cab rushed by almost instantaneously and took us to the 24-hour clinic…that conveniently closes at 11:30pm. It was now 12:30am. Great. Having no other choice, Hanna says to take them to the ER.

After 2.5 hours of waiting, Hanna is finally seen by a doctor. Multiple tests, fluid drips, and x-rays later, it is revealed that she has pneumonia. This is the first time she has ever been in the hospital for more than a few stitches. Total time spent in the ER? 7 hours. Total money spent? A lot. Today’s mission is to call our travel insurance company and figure it all out. Definitely money well spent.

We’re planting ourselves here in Dunedin for the next few days at least. Our tour of the West Coast of the South Island will be quite abbreviated…if we even get there. The plan to bungee jump has been thrown out the window.

Hanna’s been feeling a bit better now that she has antibiotics and not just the organic stuff the pharmacist sold to Mike. We’ll provide an update in the next few days. Hanna definitely won’t be jinxing herself by talking about health any time soon.

The Patient.

Oh yeah, the car worked almost immediately when Mike tried it the next morning.


14 responses to “She Had It Coming (Hanna, Not Mike, Titled This Post)

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I think my comment on your good health during your journey jinxed you. I am sooooooo sorry.

  2. oh hanna, please get well soon! i’m so sorry you are so ill

  3. I’m so sorry Hanna Banana is sick, and is it ESP or does wisdom come with age, but I saw this coming!! I really suspected Hanna was on the very brink of coming down with pneumonia…all the signs were there. Time to slow down,
    enjoy the comfort of rest, eat and drink healthy things and when she’s completely recovered, get moving again! Hmmmm… didn’t start…clinic was closed….seems to me that the good Lord wanted her in the hospital.
    Get well Hanna!!

  4. banana jean cassorla

    look how tan hanna is in that hospital bed!

  5. Feel better Hanna!! So sorry to hear that you’re sick. Lots of fluids.

  6. OMG!!!! OK, now i REALLY hope she is doing better. What a damper!!! I can’t even imagine!!! OH!!! Such a bummer!!!!! Im so sorry!!!

    Now you guys are going to have to get jobs as dishwashers to pay off these medical bills!

  7. you’re awfully photogenic even when you are sick – at least you can take comfort in that.

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